Believe in yourself (more)

I know exactly how it feels,
To be in doubt with your own eyes,
Hundreds of gazes, yet views,
A glimpse of worries,
I know how hard it is,
To believe in ourselves,
When words and questions,
Began to walk on our mind and dreams,
“Are you sure?”, it says,
Trust yourself,
You’ve survived self naive,
Trust yourself,
Those oases and skies,
Of hopes and wishes,
Always meant for those souls,
Promises to keep,
Of miles of walk before you sleep.

Croyez en vous~

To Start (Again)

I want to start again,
To be able to write those memories,
To flip every page,
Of my own book,
Where joy,
And excitement,
Are the only emotions of my bookmark,

I want to live again,
To be able to feel and see new places,
Where arts,
Different music touching,
Steps of every dance movement,

To bring love and be loved,
To bring warmth, not vague space,
To bring excitement over worries,

Dear self,
Are you ready to start,
And trust yourself again?

“If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap. If you want happiness for a day — go fishing. If you want happiness for a year-inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a life time — help someone else.” — Chinese proverb

Spotify Wrapped, 2018 in a review

(2018 in review, Spotify)

Here we’re, we are in the final push to Christmas plus at the end of 2018. There’s no better time to look back on the year of music that has meant the most to us.

Spotify just launched their Spotify Wrapped feature (started on 6 December) which shows various songs and musicians we have been listened to throughout the year. 

This includes how many minutes we spent on Spotify, curated TOP 100 custom playlist based on our preferences, and the first song we listened in 2018.


Interesting, indeed.

I moved to Spotify due to confusion and complexity of Melon music service in Korea. It sux. Even though they do have more Korean music; $11/ month, less international singer database, and only-Korean friendly interface made me decide; “This is enough”.

Anyway, here is how you can get yours;

  • Tap to
  • Log into your Spotify account
  • Spotify will start to show us info of the music we listened through 2018
  • They have 11 different pages, all based on our stats
  • The final one will show the artists and songs we listened to most
  • Mine is below!
Axwell and Ingrosso!
My Charts
Unchained Melody (1965)

How’s yours?

A Shooting Star, Day 1


Why does everyone always makes hope(s) when a star falls?
Wishing to be greater ones,
Wishing to be smarter ones,
Wishing for fame,

Why does everyone always catch for shooting stars?
After all, it happened once,
After all, it just a while,
After all, it just a moment,

Why does everyone seems to look for trouble?
Why ask for arguments?
Why always love to ask?
Hearing is to listen,

Selfless, no egos, empathetic attention.

After all, it just a moment,
After all, it just a while,
After all, it happened once.

I am back to literature writing. Been a while, isn’t it? I dedicated this blog to myself, teruntuk diri yang tidak bisa berhenti menulis. Gue suka nulis karena it is fun. You can express something which visuals couldn’t interpret. Ceilah. 

This year for me indeed a very special one. Di tahun ini gue sudah merasakan; rejection(s), betrayal, worries, honesty, broken heart(s), being loved again (thank you, dear you), being special, disappointed, joy, a dream comes true, miscommunications, and every emotion you able to express; yes this year has been a roller-coaster.

Kalau gue sum up, tahun 2018 mengajarkan gue ini : the source of happiness itu loving ourselves, first. Cintai diri sendiri dan taruh posisi kita teratas dalam hal apapun. 

Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t,

Start loving yourself for everything that you are.

Again, this blog mostly will be filled with my literature soul, self-written poems, quotes, and music playlist. Dan teruntuk semua yang sedang berjuang untuk mencintai diri sendiri, yes please be free to throw comments and thoughts here.

You are the shooting star. Start making wishes and hopes for yourself.